About Us

tools852 has been supplying watch materials and parts with reasonable price and stable quality  since 2004. Our base is in Hong Kong and we ship worldwide and offer safe and stable international shipping services. We hope to supply you with the best products, prices , service and more.


1998 is the year I dipped into the cyber world.   Apart from my career as an illustrator,  I started to trade and sell all sorts of toys and collectable items from the internet as one of my hobbies as well as side-business.  The opportunities of communicating with the watch experts around the world catalyzed me to pursue watch knowledge and hobby.

In year 2000, I met a special watch technician when visiting a small factory.  He has a passionate interest of watches like I do and willing to help me selling watch parts and tools on the web.  In my 18 years of ups and downs,  I am gratified by having chances to work and learn in this business which changed me from newbie to someone who is able to work with front-line workers and develop new products with technicians.

In recent years,  I have been focusing on R&D development.  The theme is "Why the same watch doesn't look the same when it wore by different person?".   The answers are the various "Optional Parts" - - sapphire crystal、double doom crystal、smart color insert、 special hands set、color dial、tailor made leather strap、custom made bracelet ...  the contents of producing a unique watch.

All my products are manufactured in small factories, we cannot compete our equipment and technique with big production lines, but we have our principle - we use quality to beat the price.  We certainly not the best but we always try our best to make our customers feel they are spending worthwhile.

Hope our products suits your needs and hope you can feel our passion and sincerity.

Thank you for always supporting us !